Health Tourism

Health Tourism

Turkey, an Emerging Medical Destination for Healthcare Travel

At the crossing point between East and West, Turkey's healthcare market has been going through a comprehensive restructuring. Together with continuous quality improvements, liberation, enhancement and extension are the keys to this expeditious transition. State led health system reforms assisted by an influx of private investment backed with Turkey's unique cultural and geographical parameters, the local health services landscape is on its way to become the next "center of attraction" for the global medical tourism market.

The forerunners of this transformation are Turkey's private healthcare investors. The Turkish private health care industry has fostered Turkey's health services standards by employing state-of-art medical technology. Today, not only for local patients, but also for global healthcare seekers, Turkish entrepreneurs have created a unique proposal.

In Turkey, there are 2000 healthcare institutions among these state-of-art hospitals. 54 of them are accredited by JCI "Joint Commission International". This constitutes over 21% of the total accredited hospitals by JCI in 58 countries across the world.

Turkish JCI accredited hospitals offer a full range of treatments through a network of locations, employing approximately 150.000 healthcare professionals, where over 15.000 of them are physicians.

Due to its quality of medical services, geographical advantages and affordable prices, Turkish medical groups expeditiously become healthcare providers for international patients. In 2015, we hosted over 750.000 international patients from 144 countries and we contributed with a direct income of over 5.2 billion USD to the Turkish economy.


It Is Among The Top 3 Destinations In The World For Medical Tourism

It Is The 1st Preferred Destination For Europeans For Medical Tourism

Turkish Hospitals Successfully Treated More Than 750,000 Patients From 144 Countries In 2015

In The Last 10 Years, Turkey Has Invested More Than 30 Billion USD In New Hospitals And Technology

It Has More Than 10,000 Doctors Who Graduated From American Medical Universities

It Is The 6th Preferred Destination In The World For Tourism

Turkish Airlines Connects You To Istanbul With Direct Flights From 291 Airports

It Has The Most Successful Star Doctors In Organ Transplantations

It Has The Most Successful Star Doctors In Stem Cell Technology

Has The Most Successful Star Doctors In Cancer Treatment

It Is The Most Hospitable Country For Its Guests And Visitors

It Is The Most Affordable Country For High Quality Treatment

You Are Most Welcome As A Normal Or Medical Tourist

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