Medical Checkup

It is always preferable to prevent a disease or treat it in the initial stage than to fight a neglected case. Therefore, regular health checks are necessary for all people.

Leading Turkish clinics offer international travelers to combine healthcare with pleasure and check themselves for the possible presence of diseases while vacationing in Turkey. There are modern diagnostic departments in Istanbul, Antalya and other resort cities, so tourists can devote 1 or 2 days to have a full body checkup without interrupting their holidays.

The checkups are performed by highly trained medical staff using the most advanced equipment and technology. Different checkup packages are available depending on the patient’s age, gender, and previous medical history.

This content provides general information about treatment possibilities in Turkey and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-medication.

To receive a confidential personal offer regarding medical checkup or treatment in Turkey, please email THTC network office director in your country. If there is no THTC office in your country, please submit a Request Form on this website and our representative will contact you shortly.